Best ways to do wall waterproofing Solution

Date: 18 June 2022

The need for water proofing:

It is as important to take care of the house as it is to build the house. Every day our house goes through conditions like heavy rain, strong sunshine, excessive humidity which causes fine cracks. So water starts dripping or leaking from the wall, bathroom, ceiling.

What is waterproofing: It is the process of making a surface or structure water-resistant, so that it remains unaffected by water and prevents water from entering the surface. Where water comes directly and accumulates, the roof or walls either start to seal or water starts leaking.

        Shree Home Services is one of the leading waterproofing companies in Pune on call to make your personal space water safe. As a channel partner of Asian paints and Renovation, we are committed to offering a range of waterproofing solutions that best suit your problem areas in Pune and around. We do water-proofing in such places. It does not get water, the roof, walls become stronger and looks new and beautiful. Today's modern water proofing methods make the roof and wall waterproof without damaging it.

Waterproofing is done in two ways:

At Shree Home Services, we use the most effective Acrylic-based waterproofing products from Asian paints and many other leading brands, which are flexible in results in containing the vibrations and movement in your Pune home paint. These chemicals will be easy to paint and your wall paint can directly apply to them. Our proven waterproof methods work well for both the interior/exterior areas and new as well as existing homeowners.

A solid solution by Shree Home Services’ waterproofing experts in Pune could help in making your home water safe and live long. We have Professional waterproofing contractors in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad (PCMC). We used high-quality material for complete water protection from the outside.

Ways to do waterproofing:

  1. 1. Injection Grouting - This involves filling the cracks of concrete with water proofing chemical at high pressure. It is used for roof, wall, basement, bathroom, kitchen etc. of old house which is very effective.
  2. 2. Cementation Water Proofing - This water proofing is the cheapest and is most commonly used for flooring.
  3. 3. Membrane water proofing - It is widely used in the roof of the house, tunnel, bridge, metro. Its surface thickness is 2 to 3 mm. It uses rubber which is very flexible.
  4. 4. Liquid water proofing - It is used in paint to prevent sealing. In this process we use rubber in liquid foam.
  5. 5. Bentonite water proofing - use it on the outer wall. It is a kind of clay.

Water proofing on the roof of the house: -

Sunlight cause cracks due to direct falling U.V rays on the roof or more moisture accumulates in winter, then leakage starts there and crust accumulates.

Learn how to do water proofing on the roof of the house:

  1. I. First of all, clean the rust and moss on the roof of the house very well and remove the dust.
  2. II. Use a hand grinder to smooth the surface and clean the surface with a water jet.
  3. III. Fill as many cracks as the roof dries and dry the roof well.
  4. IV. Then take equal amount of URP and CEMENT and make angle-filate on the roof of the house and make a good roof cell.
  5. V. Make a box of about 2 square meters on the roof of the house, and sprinkle light water on the surface.
  6. VI. Then apply the first layer of roof seal and remember to use 1.5 liters of solution in 2 square meters. Apply the solution in the same direction.
  7. VII. Then let it dry for 12 hours and then apply another solution in the same direction and let it dry for 48 hours.
  8. VIII. It requires 3 to 4 coats.

To stop water in the basement: -

We also do water proofing to prevent water in the basement. Water proofing chemical is filled in the cracks of concrete at high pressure by injection grouting, which must be done by a professional.

Proofing for sealing on the wall: -

We also use many methods for sealing the wall, such as using waterproof paint, PP sheet, etc.

  1. 1. First clean the wall thoroughly with a steel brush.
  2. 2. Clean with water and dry well.
  3. 3. Then mix the latex chemical well in 1.5 kg of cement.
  4. 4. Place it on the entire wall in horizontal direction. Apply dry saliva again in vertical direction.
  5. 5. Then mix chemicals in plaster and apply double coat.
  6. 6. Lastly, we can mix the putty in the water proofing paint and apply it.

For water tank: -

  1. 1. Thoroughly clean the water tank.
  2. 2. Then apply a direct water seal silicone coating.
  3. 3. Fill all joints well and apply silicone fiberglass mats.
  4. 4. In the second coating apply one part of silicone and the other part of white cement, then after drying with it also apply the third and fourth coating.

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